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Queens-wide mutual aid network of neighbors caring for neighbors

Queens Care Collective is currently on hiatus. As an entirely volunteer-run, grassroots operation, our resources are limited and we are not able to provide financial or food assistance at this time.


If you have questions or concerns please email, and we will update this website when future community projects are underway!

Home: Who We Are

Who we are

We are a community of Queens residents sharing resources and energy to meet each other’s needs. Mutual aid means forming bonds with our neighbors so that we can rely on one another in times of crisis and beyond.


We are building relationships based in care. We believe that asking for support, trusting individuals to know their own needs, and sharing resources freely are fundamental steps in creating a more compassionate world that meets the needs of all.


What we do

We take care of Queens by:

Offering support without second-guessing or judgement

Distributing food, supplies, and other essentials

Connecting people with organizations that can provide specialized support

Collaborating with local groups throughout the borough to work toward food sovereignty, housing justice, and abolition

Home: What We Do
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Neighbor offering help

Everyone has something to offer. We do our best to leverage the collective resources, skills, and energy of our community.


Help us continue to get food, supplies, and support to our Queens neighbors in need

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